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AUSTRALIAN Horse Floats Built for AUSTRALIAN Conditions

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats  
12:11 PM

Discovery Horse Floats proudly manufactures 100% every aspect of our horse float builds in Australia. Our factory is located in Craigieburn, Victoria. We do have a showroom in Queensland, but all the floats are still made in Melbourne and transported interstate to clients Australia-wide. It is our firm belief that there is no imported float that is durable enough, nor built in terms of quality to stand up to our unique conditions in Australia.

Chinese imports gain attraction because of their price, and being readily available with little wait times, even though the opinion of most in the industry is that Australian-made floats remain vastly superior in terms of quality.

A common concern amongst buyers is that some sellers are deliberately misleading clients by claiming their floats are made in Australia when in actual fact the majority of the float is constructed in China, and it is the ‘finishing touches’ (e.g. electrics, sign writing) that are added once the float arrives in this country. 

Potential buyers need to do their homework and clarify compliance to Australian standards when buying a new horse float.

Most Australian-made floats, like Discovery Horse Floats are custom built to order, the timeframe from order to pick up might be slightly longer, but you cannot ignore the advantages of having a warranty, and a local business to go to with any post-purchase issues.

Discovery Horse Floats provides a 2 year warranty on all parts and build, and ensures the highest level of safety in each and every float build. We only manufacture with certified Orrcon Australian Steel and all components are locally sourced from Australian owned businesses. We guarantee a premium built horse float, with a mission of producing a trailer that not only stands the test of time, but is built to last.