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Custom Built Horse Floats


Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
22/11/2019 21:30 PM
Let us introduce another Discovery Horse Float brand ambassador / sponsored rider: Zoë Vorenas. (As featured in a recent article byhttps://www.globetrotting.com.au/) Zoë Vorenas is a...

Best Australian Horse Floats ~ Discovery Horse Floats

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
10/11/2019 00:16 AM
Discovery Horse Floats Australia is a company committed to providing our customers with a service that strives to stay a jump ahead from the rest. Every aspect of our internal operations is expertly...

Where Is Discovery Horse Floats Located?

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
04/11/2019 21:46 PM
Discovery Horse Floats Australia operates from our HQ located in Craigieburn, Melbourne, Victoria, 3064. All Discovery Floats are entirely produced onsite at the Craigieburn factory and the team...

Are Discovery Horse Floats Australian Made?

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
28/10/2019 18:06 PM
Discovery Horse Floats is proudly a family owned business producing custom made 'dream floats' at what we believe to be of the highest quality in Australia.  Our Melbourne based factory is...

Equine Ambulance Horse Float

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
21/10/2019 12:12 PM
Client and expert advise was required in the technical details of this Discovery Equine Ambulance Float. A Horse Float Ambulance needs to be equipped to cater for a horse emergency, and can mean the...

We Create Horse Floats That Are Designed For You

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
14/10/2019 19:25 PM
We understand that building your premium custom horse float is about YOU! Your ideas, your wants, your individual requirements & your horse needs combined to build your ultimate dream rig. Team Di...

First Class LUXURY Horse Travel

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
03/10/2019 08:49 AM
Discovery Horse Floats proudly paves the way in First Class LUXURY Horse Travel !! Brilliantly appointed living spaces that convert effortlessly to sleeping. Luxurious finishes. Hot water shower....

Vinyl Revolution In Trailer Graphics

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
23/09/2019 13:56 PM
While some of you may still picture the old-fashioned sign-writer on a ladder with a brush and tin of paint, the signage industry has caught up to the 21st century in a BIG way. Almost all of modern...

Horse Float Maintenance Tips

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
13/09/2019 09:59 AM
Ensure regular maintenance and services are arranged. Trailer and caravan manufacturers recommend that wheel bearings and brakes are serviced every 10,000km or 12 months. Take time to clean your...

Discovery Classic Collection of Horse Floats

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
11/09/2019 21:56 PM
Discovery Horse Floats have built Australia’s premium quality Australian made Horse Floats for the last 20’years. Our Classic collection of horse floats are timeless, built to la...