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Float Features / Options

Sure Foot Non-Slip Matting Used in Discovery Horse Floats

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
02/08/2019 16:13 PM
Discovery Horse Floats is proud to announce that we are now installing, premium quality, non-slip SureFoot Matting in all our Discovery Horse Floats. The SureFoot® Mat improves ‘welfare for ...

Discovery Floats Easy Fold Down Bunk Bed System

Posted By Discoveryhorsefloats,
29/06/2019 10:18 AM
This image demonstrates our Discovery Horse Float hassle free, effortless fold down bunk system. We install these bunk beds in both straight loads & angle load floats. The bed arms are fitted with...

Painting Your Discovery Horse Float Roof

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
22/06/2019 00:14 AM
More and more clients are opting a fabulous all over one tone metallic for their Discovery float builds. Not only does this transform the total ‘street cred’ look of the float, it adds ano...

Exclusive Alloy Wheels @ Discovery Horse Floats

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
17/06/2019 12:27 PM
Look @ this exclusive alloy Discovery LOVE! Specially designed & manufactured Discovery Horse Floats hub caps!! Details ... details .... all in the details at Discovery Horse Floats. What an innov...

LOVE Discovery Options ~ Hot Shower !! Yes Please !!

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
29/05/2019 12:02 PM
The perks of a Discovery Float!! Accessories!! Life on the equestrian circuit with a hot water shower ~ a big WOW!Our Discovery Horse Floats shower system is created in the initial stages of the build...

Fiamma & Dometic Awnings Installed on your Horse Float

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
27/05/2019 19:28 PM
Awnings are an incredibly popular optional extra that most Discovery clients include in their custom built horse floats. Our factory installs two leading brands offered in Australia; Fiamma & Dome...

Custom Painted Horse Float Awnings

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
27/05/2019 14:36 PM
Did you know that our dedicated Team @ Discovery HQ ~ even paint awnings to match paintwork on your new new dream rig?! You couldn’t possibly own a new charcoal Discovery Float & have a whop...

Discovery Horse Float Kitchen Concepts

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
22/05/2019 22:46 PM
Horse Float kitchen designs are by nature compact in composition, and our team is taking cues from standardised design features. Lightweight & practical materials are the focus & we’ve p...

Rear Swing-Out Fibreglass Tack Box

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats,
22/05/2019 08:00 AM
We’d be absolutely lost without our Discovery Horse Floats fibreglass rear swing-our tack box. Jam packed with racks & hooks. Lightweight. Can be locked out while at we sleep in the back. Ef...