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Equine Ambulance Horse Float

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats  
12:00 PM

Client and expert advise was required in the technical details of this Discovery Equine Ambulance Float. A Horse Float Ambulance needs to be equipped to cater for a horse emergency, and can mean the difference between life and death of a beloved four legged love. The team engineered all aspects required for the trailer to provide care in such emergencies. A forward exit / entry door, a durable winch system, tie up and internal supports, screens that can easily set up �..

  • Low to ground wide side ramp for horse access, as well as standard rear access
  • 6.5 tonne powered winch system
  • A reinforced cross beam in trailer body to support horse in sling
  • Four ring tie-downs in trailer body to attach rescue glide to horse
  • Removable & adjustable dividers
  • Camera system
  • Custom storage area on wall for screens, medical kit & rescue glide
  • Power supply & charger
  • Outside and inside lighting

Discovery Horse Floats hopes this new ambulance horse float will deliver quicker and more effective care to any injured horses.