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Meet Jeff Figgins, owner Discovery Horse Floats

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats  
18:27 PM
Meet Jeff Figgins, owner Discovery Horse Floats.
"I believe that I manage a team of ‘the best of the best’. I also believe that we build Australia’s most PREMIUM QUALITY horse floats".
Why am I so PASSIONATE and COMMITTED to building such HIGH QUALITY floats?
I LIVE in the same ARENA as most of you. Perhaps, a different discipline, but I’m out there like many of you. Supporting my daughters in their EVENTING life.
I know what it is like to COMPETE.
I know what it’s like to TOW.
I know what a luxury a SWING OUT TACK BOX is.
I know the importance of POWER and a BATTERY PACK.
I know what it’s like to LUG out camp stretchers and sleeping bags.
I know firsthand the IMPORTANCE of safety, not only for our horses, but for my FAMILY.
The jockey wheel needs to be PREMIUM.
The flooring needs to be PREMIUM.
The horse bay dividers need to be STEEL and STRONG.
Everything in the horse bays needs to be PADDED.
The AXLES and BRAKES need to be nothing but the BEST!
Check out our Discovery line-up via our website and contact us to discuss all things Discovery 03) 8339 4279 or 0467 202 132 or info@discoveryhorsefloats.com.au