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Australian Steel ~ Australian Made 100%

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats  
15:00 PM

"Our first horse float had a steep ramp. Hated that part of it! It was heavy and clunky and all our horses were much harder to load. My daughters couldn't load independently and it took two of us to coax the horse onboard. And then it took two of us to bare the weight of the ramp opening and shutting", stated Jeff Figgins, owner of Discovery Horse Floats. "I have no idea why other ramps on trailers are so steep?  It�s not necessarily an issue of speed or laziness.  But it does create a very steep hazard for horse and handler".

At Discovery Horse Floats ALL our floats are built with hinges on our tailgate ramps at the very lowest point to create a gentler incline for loading and unloading. Gas struts are used to carry all weight, ensuring opening and closing is effortless, and can be done single handed. 

The factory also lines all tailgates with a 'surefoot' cleated, non-slip matting. This creates another layer of commitment to 'horse safety'. 

"I am absolutely fastidious about our foundation of 'premium quality' and all our floats are engineered with a focus upon 'safety' for both the horses and the handlers", said Jeff.