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SAFETY WITH SIGHT (Discovery Horse Float Camera System)

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats  
14:00 PM

An extremely popular Discovery Float option added to countless custom builds ~ is a wireless camera / monitor system. This is an effortless, affordable way to ensure your horse is safe in your float, whilst the driver can concentrate your attention on the road.

Discovery Horse floats can install a fully wireless horse float camera. No cables. No complex connections. No technical stress.

The camera wirelessly beams a signal to the monitor placed in your towing vehicle (on your dash, vents, or windshield). The monitor can be easily swapped from vehicle to vehicle without the hassle of being hardwired.

The Discovery system allows you to constantly monitor your horse while on the road to events. If you see any signs that your horse is not safe and comfortable, you can simply pull over and check on your horse before continuing.

A fitted camera system is your peace of mind and your horse's safety. Safety is paramount @ Discovery Horse Floats.