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Discovery Horse Floats ~ BRAKING SYSTEM Explained

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats  
17:16 PM

When towing your horses, nothing is of greater importance than safety.  It is essential as a horse float owner to know that you’ve got the right brakes installed on your horse float and that they’re fully functional.  Although some light-duty trailers don’t require brakes, a loaded horse float, is too heavy to pull smoothly without efficient braking systems.

It is a legal requirement that all trailers and horse floats exceeding 2000kg (GTM) are fitted with an efficient braking system on all wheels. All our Discovery Horse Floats are built with a braking system on each wheel. Every float is also installed with a breakaway system.

The minimum braking system for a float depends on the type of Horse Float, its weight and the weight of the vehicle: 0 – 750 kg loaded weight – no brakes required. 751 – 2000 kg loaded weight – braking on both wheels on at least one axle. 2001- 4500 kg loaded weight – braking on all wheels, and an automatic breakaway system in case the trailer becomes detached from the vehicle.

Horse Floats have drum brakes – pretty much the same as drum brakes in a car.  Electric brakes are the most common form of an “efficient braking system” and come standard.

Electric brake controllers are an added option that you can have installed in your towing vehicle. We personally have the Tow-Pro™ Elite brake controller fitted in all our towing cars.

This system ensures the safety of the occupants in the tow vehicle as well as other drivers on the road. They allow more control over the braking force of the horse float and limit the pressure on the tow vehicle’s brakes. Noticeable differences when driving with an electric brake controller include less push from behind, easier and quicker stopping. You should also notice a reduction in the jarring of the linkages.

Safety is a paramount priority at Discovery Horse Floats Australia.  You can rest assured that when you buy your next Discovery Horse Float from us ~ it will come fully equipped with responsive brakes and adequate safety systems to protect you and your precious cargo.

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