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Horse Float Checklist ....

Posted By Discovery Horse Floats  
09:32 AM

A checklist of things to look for on your horse float before floating;

Tyres – do they have enough pressure and sufficient tread depth? Fill to the recommended pressure. Light truck tyres on heavy duty wheels are used for horse floats. If you don’t use your float that frequently, check that the tyres aren’t perishing.

Lights and reflectors – check Light / Power plug is connected to vehicle. The lights on the float should activate at the same time as the corresponding ones on your car.

Brakes – the maximum weight for a non-braked trailer is 750kg, our Discovery Horse Floats have brakes that operate all four wheels on the float. The float is fitted with a parking brake which will hold it on an incline. Check handbrake is released before towing.

Breakaway system – if your float has a fully loaded weight of more than 2000kg it must be fitted with a breakaway brake system. This means that if the float becomes detached from your car, it will brake itself using its own battery-backup. All Discovery Horse Floats are fitted with breakaway systems.

Interior dividers – if you have a double float there will be a divider to separate the two horses. The dividers are designed to allow the horses to spread their feet to maintain balance when going around corners.

Rump bars – check that the rump bar is in the right place for your horse before you set off.

Door/ramp – double-check that the door or ramp at the back of the float is secure, locked down (you don't want this opening while you are driving).

Safety chain and towbar – check it’s all connected properly and crossed over if there are two chains.

Jockey Wheel - ensure jockey wheel is in travel position.

Last check - final check that your load is secure. Your number plate is clearly visible, and registration is current.

Safe floating.